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Russ Free Hip Hop Sample Pack

With the recent popularity of rapper Russ, we have put together a FREE Hip Hop sample pack for you to download. We have also created a FREE Russ Hip Hop beat using these samples to hear what you can do with them. This free Hip Hop sample pack includes sounds similar to our Free Drake sample pack / FREE O.V.O sample pack.

This FREE Hip Hop Sample Pack includes 25+ Hip Hop drum samples, Hip Hop drum loops, Trap hi hat loops, piano loops and many more samples that will give you that Russ type beat. Like Russ’ beats our samples are simple, laid back, little warped and should help you make Russ inspired Hop Hop beats. The key to making a great Russ beat is minimalism and simple sounds. Don’t over produce your beats and don’t use too many instruments.

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This free Hip Hop sample pack include:

  • Hip Hop Drum Loops
  • Kick Drums
  • Snare Drums
  • Hi Hats and Hi Hat Loops
  • Hip Hop Piano Loops
  • Bass Loops
  • and many more…

Listen to the Russ FREE Hip Hop Sample Pack in Action

Listen to the beat we made using just these samples, you can download the beat for free also here.

free hip hop beat free hip hop sample pack russ

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Download Russ Free Hip Hop Sample Pack (22mb)

Download Free Russ Hip Hop Beat (8mb)

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