free hip hop beat - action bronson blue chips 7000 album artwork

This weeks we have put together an Action Bronson inspired free Hip Hop beat. Which you to download. With the release of Blue Chip 7000 coming later this year we felt it was a good time to bring back some classic Hip Hop. Including samples and vocal cuts. With a high pitched chopped vocal sample, some boom bap drums and a rolling bass lines this beat is the epitome of Action Bronson. Inline with the style of music this beat is set to 85BPM.

This free Hip Hop beat works well for artists like Action Bronson type beat, Joey Badass type beat and Mac Miller type beat. Not to mention  a Chance the Rapper type beat, Nas type beat, Jay Z type beat, old Kanye West type beat and many more. This would be great for free rap beats or rap battle beats.

Download the samples from this free Hip Hop beat

Again as always we have put together a Hip Hop samples pack for you to download if you like the sounds in this beat.

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Listen to the beat and download.

Free Hip Hop Beat - Action Bronson Blue Chips 7000

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Download Action Bronson Blue Chips 7000 type Hip Hop beat (8mb)

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Free Hip Hop Beat – Action Bronson Blue Chips 7000

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