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With the release of ‘Views From The 6’ imminent we have a new Drake type Trap beat for FREE download. This time it’s a slow paced and spacious Trap beat produced at 126BPM. The core of the beat is made up of a sub bass with a chopped piano providing a rolling melody. Simple skippy drum loops keep the beat moving. It provides enough space for a rapper or singer to get in front of this beat.

As the title suggests this beat would suit artists like Drake and Future but also  Asap Rocky, Meek Mill, Metro Boomin, Tyga, Young Thug. Not to metion The Weekend, J Cole, Tory Lanez, Kendrick Lamar.

Download FREE Trap sample pack included in this Trap beat

As with most beats we have put together an exclusive sample pack including Trap drum loops, trap drums, and various synth samples for you to use for free in your own beats. Including Trap kick drums, Trap snare drums, Trap hi-hats and many more.

Download the sample pack used in this Trap beat here.

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As always let us know what you think of the beat in the comments below, especially if you do something creative with it. If you like what we do here and want a particular beat that suits you (remember although it may seem like for now we don’t just make trap beats) let us know in the comments.

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Download Drake ft. Future type Beat (8mb)

Free Trap Beats – Drake ft. Future Type Beat

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