A$AP Rocky Sample Pack – Hip Hop & Trap

A$AP Rocky Sample Pack

Download this new A$AP Rocky sample pack now for free! We’ve put together a new A$AP Rocky type beat and sample pack combo for you to download, including clean drum loops, drum samples, 808s and many more sounds. This sample pack includes over 20 kicks drums, snare drums, claps, hi hats, 808s synths, bell for you to download for FREE. This sample pack would suit any producer looking to match that upbeat type of A$AP Rocky track! Good for Hip Hop and Trap music, including Trap snare roll loops and 808 drum loops.

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This A$AP Rocky Sample Pack Includes

  • Trap Drum Loops
  • Hip Hop Drum Loops
  • Trap 808 Drum Loops
  • Hip Hop & Trap Kick Drums
  • Hip Hop & Trap Snare Roll Loops
  • Trap Bell Loops
  • Trap Siren Loops
  • Claps
  • and many more…

Listen to the A$AP Rocky Sample Pack in Action

Listen to the beat we made using just these samples, you can download the beat for free also here.

a$ap rocky type beat

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Download the A$AP Rocky Sample Pack (18mb)

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3 thoughts on “A$AP Rocky Sample Pack – Hip Hop & Trap

    1. Hi Jordan, all you have to do is unzip the files (right click and extract) and open FL. On the left hand side there is a folder browser, locate where you extracted the files and open them. Sorry if this is not correct I haven’t used FL in years. I found this video that might help tho! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpbnc6s3GDw

      Thanks for downloading and I really hope you figure it out!


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