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free beats and samples update

It has been a while since we posted on the site. You will have noticed this if you’re a regular visitor, sorry about that! If you’re new here, welcome to the new version of FBS! Over the last year we’ve been working on the new redesign which is what you’re seeing now and some new features still to come.

The redesign is the first stage in our plan to build a community of likeminded producers willing to share their sample packs and beats to help the wider community and give back. It also helps up and coming producers get exposure and feedback on their kits and beats.

We’ve had over 500,000 of you producers and artists visit the site in the last year

That’s a total of about 2,000,000 (that’s TWO MILLION) downloads this year.

We can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve shown us over the years, coming back and looking for new content. So that’s why we wanted to open the site up to the wider producer community with a new design, interface and new features.

New features coming in the next few months include:

  • Sign up and registerDONE
  • Upload your own content (sample packs and beats)
  • Custom profile page with management features
  • Share links to your premium sample packs and beats

This is just the beginning of the next chapter for the site. I hope you’ll all stick around to see the next steps!

As always if you have any suggestions please drop me an email on [email protected]


UPDATE: Site Redesign and Plans for the Future

At Free Beats & Samples we've been creating unique music and sounds for users to download for over 5 years. We want to evolve the site into a community of producers sharing their sounds for free to help each other grow as musicians and producers.

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