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Want a free Drake sample pack and 100s more free Hip Hop, Trap and Future R&B samples? Keep reading to find out more.

For this post we are doing something a little different; we’ve been trying out the free trial of the sample site Splice Sounds, which is amazing by the way! The site allows you to browse and listen to over 1 million samples, loops, one shots and download only the samples you want! With royalty free sample packs from top labels like Loopmasters, Producerloops, Black Octopus and many more. They have also got tones of big artists and producers creating exclusive sounds from the likes of:

1. Your Exclusive Month Free Promo Code

The good people at Splice have given our users a one month free promo code. This will allow you to download 100 samples for free when you sign up to the site. Follow these steps to get your free account:

  1. Click this link here to sign up, enter your details and click the “Sign Up” button
  2. Enter a Paypal email or card details (this will only be charged after the free month is up or simply cancel it before)
  3. Click the “Enter promo code” button and enter the following code FREEBEATS23
  4. Finally click the “Start Sounds” button to access your 30 day trial and 100 free samples and download our free Drake sample pack

2. How to get 100s more free samples from Splice (after you sign up)

Splice has a feature called “Repacks” which allows you and other users to build up your own sample packs made up of sounds from different packs. Many of the big sample labels create what they call “0 Credit” Repacks. This is simply a way of saying free samples as they don’t cost any credits to download.

If you click this link it will take you to a page that loads all repacks as you scroll. Simply scroll down a bunch of times (10 to 15 times) to load more packs. Then use your browser to search/find (cmd+f mac or ctrl+f pc) the term “0 Credit”. This will highlight all of the Repacks that are free to download. When you find a pack that sounds good you are best to right click and open the link in a new tab otherwise it will refresh the page and you’ll have to scroll down all over again.

Once you are on the sample pack page you can click and download each sample individually or you can click the “Download All” button that sits next to the search box at the top of the sample list (on the right hand side). Hope this all makes sense.

3. Our Free Drake Sample Pack (Splice Repack) (This has been updated and some are no longer free)

We’ve put together over 100 of the best splice sounds that are straight out of the Torronto OVO sound playbook. You can download them all for free here.

Our Favourite Repacks

Here is a list of our favourite free sample packs:

  1. Best Of Chill Trap – 40 Free Loops and Samples
  2. Trap & Hip Hop – 29 Free Loops and Samples
  3. Freaky Loops Taster Pack – 45 Free Loops and Samples
  4. Best of EDM – 41 Free EDM Loops and Samples
  5. Function Loops Selected Vol2 – 70 Trap Loops and Samples

Here are just some of the other awesome features of Splice

  • Never pay for a sample you don’t want with Splice Sounds
  • Backup your projects and collaborate in the cloud with Splice Studio
  • Make beats in your browser with Beat Maker
  • Discover a better way to buy plugins with our rent-to-own payment plan for Xfer’s Serum
  • Get exposure and participate in remix contests in the Splice Community

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Download our latest Drake type beat here.

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Free Drake Sample Pack + 100s More – Splice Review & 2 Free Months Promo Code

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