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Update for 2024

Exclusive 25 Free Hip Hop, Trap & Drill melody loops

Check out these Free Melodies sample pack! Perfect for both hard beats and smooth vibes. Grab your 25 free melodies to kickstart your music.



We’ve put together a selection of exclusive hip hop and trap samples for you to download for free. You can sign up and share your own sounds too!

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Friction – Free Hip Hop Guitar and Synth Sample Pack 2021

We’ve got another user submitted FREE sample pack here for you to download. This time it comes from a young producer named Visions. As the title says it includes both FREE Trap loops and FREE Trap melodies as well as Trap drum loops and Trap midi loops as well as midi files to go with them. If you are looking for a Drake sample pack or an OVO sample pack you’ve found it! This would also work perfect if you are looking for Bryson Tiller Trap loops, Post Malone Trap loops or even a Russ Trap loops.

Over 100 Free Trap Loops and Free Trap Melodies to Download

First off lets talk about some of the melody sounds included in this pack. This sample pack includes a huge verity of different styles and sounds. Everything from dark hard core trap samples, to energetic Hip Hop up tempo samples. If you’re looking for a specific sound that is hot right now this sample pack features them all. It also includes some new spacey sounds that would work well with any kind of music. It includes:

  • 100 x Free Trap Melodies
  • Trap piano loops
  • Dark Pad samples
  • Hard Synth sounds
  • Haunting effects
  • Xylophone style chimes
  • Trap bell loops
  • Jamaican steel drum samples
  • and much more…

Over 450 Free Trap Drum Samples to Download

Now never mind the melodies, this sample pack includes over 450 FREE Trap drum samples. Visions really has put in the work compiling all of these samples together. Creating a well rounded selection of drum that will keep you interested for a long time! Everything from chats to claps and kicks to snares. Again they have a hard Trap sample pack undertone for you to get into! They include:

  • 43 x 808 samples
  • 14 x Hard Kick Drums
  • 19 x Snare drums
  • 106 x Chant sounds
  • 86 x Clap samples
  • 8 x Trap finger snaps
  • 107 x Hi Hat samples
  • 12 x Trap Crash cymbals
  • 85 x Effect sounds and Trap riser samples
  • 4 x Extra samples

Over 110 Free Loops Midi Files including Drum Loops, Melody Loops and 808 Loops to Download

Again we’ve got stacks of arrangements here for you to download. These perfect Trap beat construction kits, will keep you inspired for a long time too! Each midi file includes a different instrument. You can include your own or use the samples provided. Just simply drag the midi files into your DAW of choice. Learn the basics of melody chord progression and tweak the patterns to suite your sound. These midi Trap beat construction kits include:

  • Over 110 Free Trap Loops
  • 9 x Trap 808 midi loops
  • 11 x Kick drum loops
  • 10 x Snare drum and clap loops
  • 100 x Synth Loops, piano loops, Lead midi loops
  • 10 x Hi Hat midi loops
  • 10 x Snare rolls and loops
  • and many more…

Listen to a brief selection of the samples in action

Visions Youtube
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Download 600+ Free Trap Samples - Submitted by Visions (385mb)

More free Trap samples and Trap Melody loops here.

Download Premium Loops here from $7.00

royalty free trap loops free trap melodies

royalty free trap loops free trap melodies

600+ Free Trap Loops – Free Trap Melodies and Free Trap Samples

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