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Here we have a free EDM sample pack. If you’re looking for a free House sample pack, a free Dance sample pack or a free Electronic sample pack this should also fit the bill. Now onto day 3 of the 7 Day 7 Free Sample Pack week we thought we should try something a little different. We have put together a free EDM, House, Dance and Electronic sample pack for you to download. This pack includes 35+ free EDM samples including hard hitting EDM kick drums, EDM Snares, EDM Hi Hats and EDM Drum loops. Our pack will also work fine for House drum loops, Dance drum loops and Electronic drum loops if thats what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a DJ Snake sample pack or a Martin Garrix sample then this is  for you. Also good for a Diplo sample pack or Major Laser sample pack.

Specifically what it included in this EDM sample pack?

  • Clap 2
  • Clap 4
  • Crash 2
  • Drum Loop 2 128BPM
  • Drum Loop 6 100BPM
  • Hi Hat 2
  • Kick 1
  • Kick 6
  • Rim Shot
  • Shaker 1
  • Snare 1
  • Snare 2
  • Tom 1
  • Tom 3
  • Crash 1
  • Open Hi Hat 1
  • Riser 1
  • many more…

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Download 7 Days Sample Pack 3 EDM (9mb)

7 Days 7 Free Sample Packs – Day 3 Free EDM Sample Pack

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