Toronto based producer Noah ’40’ Shebib is the go to producer for artists like Drake, PartyNextDoor, Lil Wayne and Majid Jordan to name a few. In this video interview for Native Instruments he talks about how he creates his signature “Lo-fi  – Underwater Sound” used in all of his productions and how to make the Drake sound.

“People usually assume it’s a low pass filter and I’m just rolling off all of the top end.. but they (high frequencies) don’t even exist”

Some of his top track include:

Working on Drakes New Album “Views From The 6”

With Views From The 6 due for release later this year 40 is balancing life between Toronto and LA whilst working on the project about their city. In this exclusive video he talks about how to create the signature OVO sound.

Here are his (and our) top tips on how to make the Drake sound and some of the techniques he uses

  1. Use a lower sample rate – Instead of adding a low pass to your mix create a new file with a lower sample rate to reduce the number of frequencies that can be heard. Import the results back into your original high sample rate mix.
  2. Reverse Sounds – Export your midi synth sounds to audio and reverse them back. Keep the original melody by chopping up the sound and rearranging
  3. Pitch Down – Snares, hats and Vocal samples can all be pitched down to create the signature sound
  4. Low Pass – Use a low pass filter to selectively cut out some of the high end frequencies in your mix or individual instruments
  5. Start with a Synth Sound – Hip Hop is usually dictated by big drum sounds however 40 prefers to start with synths and allows them to dictate the beat
  6. Mixing Vocals – To allow vocals to really come through in the mix make sure the beat consists of mostly lower frequencies and allow the vocals to occupy the high end frequencies

Let us know your thoughts on ‘The Drake Sound’ in the comments below, is it good, is it bad?

How to Make the Drake Sound – Noah ’40’ Shebib – Video Interview

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