The Ultimate Producer Sample Pack Collection Kickstarter

the ultimate sample pack collection image

Over the last year we’ve polled thousands of visitors and asked if they wanted better and more premium content. The answer was a big fat yes! So over the next few months we’re committing to creating 3 of the best sample packs available! We’re creating a Hip Hop sample pack, a Trap sample pack and a R&B/Soul sample pack. Each pack will contain roughly 250 samples, that’s a total of 750 brand new samples and loops for all three packs. Including everything from exclusive one shots and loops to exclusive melodies and 808s! We reached out to the producer community and we are now working with some top producers, including a Platinum selling producer to create these new packs.

We decided to go down the Kickstarter route as we knew it would give us time to create the packs and to see how strong the demand was for something like this. Please show your support by clicking the link below to view the project video!

Click here to view the project

Thanks for your support.